Loud and Flashy Photographic Studio Northumberland

Loud and Flashy Photographic Studio Northumberland
Images taken in the Loud and Flashy photographic studio in Ashington, near Newcastle upon Tyne.

Sunday, 13 January 2019

North East Photographer of The Year 2018

Model Bobbi Castle CLICK TO ENLARGE

We're super excited to announce Simon Drew of Loud and Flashy photography, Ashington, Northumberland
has won this prestigious award!

The North East Photographer of the Year 2018 had some absolutely amazing entries throughout 2018. Having won the opening round in January 2018 we were then entered in to the final in January 2019 where we had to show just 5 photographs - all taken in the north east. It was a tough choice to pick them, trying to show a wide range of styles, creativity and technical excellence!

Oliver - from a family shoot CLICK TO ENLARGE

The images above and below were our final 5, all taken in the studio at Loud and Flashy in Ashington, showing a mixture of our family, pet and commercial photography.

Luna and Willow - the Loud and Flashy guard dogs! CLICK TO ENLARGE

We were up against amazing competition from the other finalists and we really don't envy the judges who had to make the final decision!

'Imprisonment' for Eliot Smith Dance CLICK TO ENLARGE
Winning this award means so much, firstly because of the immense talent that we were up against - the north east has so many amazing photographers. Secondly, this competition was judged by our peers in the photography industry, so to receive such an accolade from such amazingly talented people makes it even more precious to us!

'Nachtzehren' - model Gwyn Kipling  CLICK TO ENLARGE
Massive thanks go to Gary Lintern for organising the competition, check out his photography workshops and tuition - HERE and to the judging panel.

For the BEST photography in the north east click below! Loud and Flashy