Loud and Flashy Photographic Studio Northumberland

Loud and Flashy Photographic Studio Northumberland
Images taken in the Loud and Flashy photographic studio in Ashington, near Newcastle upon Tyne.

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Great start to 2018!

Well I'm very pleased to announce I've won the January round of The North East Photographer Of The Year 2018!

The winning image below was shot in the studio for the Eliot Smith Company, a Newcastle based dance company, to promote their work 'Imprisonment'.

It was actually quite a hard shot to make as we couldn't make too many attempts as the dancer falling would injure himself.

Also getting the lighting in exactly the right place to light all the dancers while not lighting the white walls and floor too much took a bit of work! 

Fortunately working with professional dancers did make things a little easier.

The dance company were very pleased with the final image, as am I, so I'm glad it's been recognised in the competition and voted for by my peers and other clients.

If you'd like some creative, commercial photography get in touch, you're worth it!

Yamit Salazar, Principle Dancer, The Eliot Smith Company.

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