Loud and Flashy Photographic Studio Northumberland

Loud and Flashy Photographic Studio Northumberland
Images taken in the Loud and Flashy photographic studio in Ashington, near Newcastle upon Tyne.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Baby Modelling & Portfolios!

Don't do it!

We don't normally post such negative blogs, but this is one exception we feel we need to make a point about!

Last week we had a customer in asking how much to shoot a portfolio of their baby for an agency as the agency want £250 to do it.

Our reply was no charge! Why? Becausewe're not going to shoot it!

Any agency asking for a full portfolio of a baby is a scam. As much as we'd like to make some money,we're not about to rip off a young mum!

Babies change so quickly it's not worth having a portfolio as it's useless after a few months. Any reputable agency will just want to see an up to date clear photo taken by mum. A phone pic will do as long as it's clear and in focus!

Likewise you shouldn't be charged to join an agency (it's actually illegal!) so don't pay ANY up front costs. Real agencies only charge you commission on the work they get you and deduct it from your pay cheque after the job is done! 

Also remember that no one can guarantee work, so don't believe an agency that tells you you'll get 'loads of work', it very rarely happens that way!

If you want some great photos of your kids for your own memories then please do come to our Ashington studio, but don't ask us for a portfolio!

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