Loud and Flashy Photographic Studio Northumberland

Loud and Flashy Photographic Studio Northumberland
Images taken in the Loud and Flashy photographic studio in Ashington, near Newcastle upon Tyne.

Friday, 28 February 2014


On Thursday 13th March we have another fantastic package for 1 day only!!!

This consists of a 1 hour photo shoot,22"x16" canvas and 4 prints of your chosen image in any size you like.

You also get 2 images on cd and all this can be yours for just £80 :-)

This deal would normally cost £150!!
To book call Kerry on 01670813007 or pop along to 

92 Station Road
Ne63 8rn


Thursday, 27 February 2014

Mother's Day!

We have a fantastic offer for the mums - a digital makeover photo shoot with a glass of bubbly and chocolates!

We'll take some amazing pictures of you in the studio and the images you choose will then be fully retouched to make you look like a star!

You'll get FOUR images on CD PLUS a HUGE 18"x12" photo.

If you book your session before 15th March you'll get a second 18"x12" photo FREE!

All this for just £50.

To book your session call the studio NOW - 01670 813007 or email - info@loudandflashy.com.


Loud and Flashy Photography
92 Station Road
NE63 8RN


Here at Loud and Flashy, as well as doing family/baby portraits we also do passport photos for £5!!

So come along to our studios and have a cup of coffee while you wait :-)

92 Station Road
Ne63 8rn


Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Spring is in the air :-)

It`s a beautiful day today here in Ashington.

Come along to our studio and get a photo session and  4 prints of your chosen image for only £50!!!

To book contact the studio on:01670 813007 :-)

Loud and Flashy
92 Station Road
NE63 8RN


Friday, 21 February 2014

£30 special offer

Come along to the studio next Thursday and receive an hours photo shoot and you will receive 2 images and 2 large 18"12" edited prints of your chosen images for only £30!!

To book contact:

Loud and flashy
92 Station road


Wednesday, 19 February 2014

£25 photo shoot

Tomorrow we have a few spaces left in the studio,so we are offering a 30 minute photo shoot and 2 large prints of your chosen image and this could be yours for only £25!!!

To book contact the studio.

Loud and Flashy
92 Station road



We have had the cutest little puppy in the studio today so remember we photograph your beloved pets from parakeets to pythons :-)
So bring them along to Loud and Flashy in Ashington and we will be happy to photograph just about anything.


Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Get Involved!

If you're feeling creative, or would like to know a bit more about getting the most out of your camera or feel like having a go at modelling then our Studio Creative Nights are for you!

At Loud and Flashy photography in Ashington we're now holding TWO creative nights each month due to popular demand!

These are very informal gatherings for photographers, models, make up artists etc. to meet and swap ideas, arrange shoots and do some portfolio building.

It's open to all levels, we currently have complete beginners through to very experienced professionals, so there's always someone to help!

Behind the scenes shot from the February event.

If you've never been in a studio before then this is an ideal way to see what's what. We normally have three or four shooting areas set up with different themes and lighting.

The evenings cost just £10 for photographers and are FREE for models to attend. Refreshments are included!

To see more of the images produced at the nights go to the group facebook page - Loud and Flashy Studio Group

If you'd like to attend please email the studio as we limit numbers attending to 15 photographers!

The next events are:

Sunday 16th March 5-8pm
Thursday 20th March 7:30-10:30pm


Loud and Flashy photography
92 Station Road
NE63 8RN



Come along to our studio on Friday and get a 40 minute photo shoot and a 22"x16" canvas or a 12"x8" framed print!!!
You also get 2 extra prints on cd and 2 prints of your chosen images.
This package would normally cost £120 and for this Friday you get all this for £60!!!!

Don`t miss out and come along to Loud and Flashy in Ashington...see you soon :-)

Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Come along to the studio on Friday the 14th Feb and get a 30 minute photo shoot and a 18"x12" fully edited print for £20!!!

This is a fantastic deal only open for this Friday so all you need to do is come along to Loud and Flashy in Ashington and first come first served :-)....no need to book!!!


Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Baby Modelling & Portfolios!

Don't do it!

We don't normally post such negative blogs, but this is one exception we feel we need to make a point about!

Last week we had a customer in asking how much to shoot a portfolio of their baby for an agency as the agency want £250 to do it.

Our reply was no charge! Why? Becausewe're not going to shoot it!

Any agency asking for a full portfolio of a baby is a scam. As much as we'd like to make some money,we're not about to rip off a young mum!

Babies change so quickly it's not worth having a portfolio as it's useless after a few months. Any reputable agency will just want to see an up to date clear photo taken by mum. A phone pic will do as long as it's clear and in focus!

Likewise you shouldn't be charged to join an agency (it's actually illegal!) so don't pay ANY up front costs. Real agencies only charge you commission on the work they get you and deduct it from your pay cheque after the job is done! 

Also remember that no one can guarantee work, so don't believe an agency that tells you you'll get 'loads of work', it very rarely happens that way!

If you want some great photos of your kids for your own memories then please do come to our Ashington studio, but don't ask us for a portfolio!

Monday, 10 February 2014

Snakes In The Studio!

No, it's not a new film starring Samuel L. Jackson!

Today in the Ashington photography studio we had Chris from Dragon's Den, Morpeth, with his snakes as well as a lizard and a rather large, hairy spider. Which was nice.

The thought process was that the cool floor of the studio would slow them down making shooting easy.

Reality was a little different and they all seemed to be bionic!  

However, we did get some great shots of them, so if you're not easily scared, scroll down!!

Remember, at Loud and Flashy photography in Ashington we shoot all types of pet, so bring yours along for some cool artwork and amazing memories.

Now, where did that spider get to........  ;)

Click on the images to see them full size! 

Cute eh?!

Snake trying to out stare me. He won.

This one's an albino.  Rather rude sticking his tongue out, but I wasn't going to tell him off!

Ah, there's the spider! Wouldn't want to find that one in the bath!

If you want great pet photography, get a pet, then call us and we'll sort the rest!

Loud and Flashy photography, Ashington, Northumberland.
Priceless, Affordable Memories!

01670 813007

Wednesday, 5 February 2014


We are offering another fantastic deal at loud and flashy in Ashington.
Come along to the studio next Wednesday and get a photo shoot and 2 fully edited prints of your chosen image for £25!!........yes £25 :-)

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Get £25 free!!

Here at Loud & Flashy in Ashington we are giving away a£25 voucher to existing customers who recommend us to a friend :-)
All they need to do is give your name when booking and we will send you a voucher for the studio the very same day !!!!