Loud and Flashy Photographic Studio Northumberland

Loud and Flashy Photographic Studio Northumberland
Images taken in the Loud and Flashy photographic studio in Ashington, near Newcastle upon Tyne.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

We've got an App!

As the title says, Loud and Flashy now has an App available for your smartphone! 

Downloading it means you can keep up to date with everything Loud and Flashy - competitions, special offers, photography tips and more!

Just go to your App Store and search for 'Loud and Flashy'.

And it's FREE!

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Black Friday

We didn't fancy fighting over dodgy brands of television in supermarkets, so we got creative!

As well as a hugely popular family photo deal, we had two model shoots in the Ashington studio as well.

First we had Beccy Amy who wanted to update her portfolio. We shot her a few months ago, giving her a soft, dreamy boudoir look, this time she wanted a different look! 

Check them out below!

We then had local model, makeup artist and hair stylist Paige who wanted to get some shots of her makeup work for her portfolio. We've shot her many times and her work is always stunning, but this time she surpassed herself!

The first was a black theme as it was Black Friday!

She then stripped that lot off and really went for it! Stick on jewels and lots of white spray paint later and we had a Snow Queen in the studio!

If you would like to shoot a model portfolio get in touch. You can do your own makeup or we have a large pool of talented makeup artists, including Paige, who can transform you!

Prices start at just £100 including images! 

Affordable Priceless Memories!

Loud and Flashy photography, Ashington, Northumberland.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Halloween, yeah, we know we're a bit behind!

A local model wanted to mess about with some horror makeup in the studio. We had an empty slot for an hour and a half and we thought it would be fun!  As we only had one model, Si came up with the idea of Stacey being both good and evil in the same photo.  Here's what we did!

First we shot Stacey with the mutilated face makeup, having worked out where her 'innocent' self would be in the next shot.

We used strip boxes on the lights with grids fitted to them to 'narrow' the light spread so we didn't pick up too much of the background. We also used a snoot to give some extra light just to the face as well as a beauty dish fitted with a grid high up behind Stacey to give a rim light to her hair.

This is the first image, unedited, straight out of the camera!

Stacey then  cleaned her makeup off (which was a lot harder than it looks and involved bleach!) and put on a wig that was already in the studio. We then positioned her so that she was saying her prayers before bedtime. Yeah we know it's a cliche but hey, it was Halloween!

We lit her in the same way and got this

Then Si just put one image on top of the other in Photoshop and erased certain parts of the top layer to reveal the layer underneath.  Then, to make it look more sinister he split toned the image, altered the contrast and cropped it giving this as the final image (click on the images to see  them full size)

So, one model, an hour shooting and a quick bit of editing and we're pleased with the outcome! Let us know what you think?

If you have any cool ideas for a great photo shoot, get in touch. We like a challenge :)

Happy (belated) Halloween. Now we just have to think of something for Christmas at the north east's biggest and best family portrait studio!

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Want to be a model?

If you've ever thought of giving modelling a go, you'll know you need a portfolio.

The good news is it doesn't have to break the bank obtaining one!

At Loud and Flashy photography studios we'll spend a couple of hours shooting you (after showing you how to pose), so you'll have plenty of time for clothing changes.

You then select 10 images which we retouch for you to download.

Here are a few Si shot today for Kirby, a local model.

We can also provide a makeup artist and hair stylist if you need them.

Model portfolios start at just £100

To book yours contact the studio now

or call - 01670 813007

Get your modelling career started today!

Friday, 24 October 2014

Improve your Photography Skills!

We have a couple of classes coming up at Loud and Flashy in Ashington to help improve your photography!

The first is a Studio Lighting class aimed at complete novices as well as those that have grasped the basics of lighting but want to take it further.

We'll cover how lighting works and explain the 'inverse square' rule in simple, hands-on terms!

We'll show you which modifiers to use including umbrellas, soft boxes, snoots and beauty dishes as well as when to use grids.

You'll be shown how to pose a model and taught the essential portrait lighting techniques such as loop, split, butterfly and Rembrandt, as well as when to use broad or short lighting.

We'll cover simple 1 light setups through to 4 lights.

The class runs for 3 hours and includes refreshments and course notes.

Wednesday 12th November, 7-10pm.  £25 per person.

The second class we are running is for Photoshop  

This is again aimed at those just starting to use the software as well as those that have used it for a while, but now want to get more creative.

You'll learn:
Why 'layers' and 'masks' are important.
How to crop and re-size images.
Blemish removal and skin softening.
Body shaping.
Split toning.
Cleaning up backgrounds.
And More!

The class runs for 3 hours and includes refreshments.
Bring a laptop with Photoshop running on it!

Sunday 23rd November,  3-6pm.   £25 per person.

To book either of these, email the studio - info@loudandflashy.com and start getting creative!

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Horsing around!

Today's model in the studio had a rather long face!

But they weren't upset!

As the largest portrait studio in the north east we're used to catering for large family groups and we also shoot a lot of pet photography. But as large pets go, today's was the biggest we've had in the studio in Ashington so far!

Meet Flite and her owner Louise.

Louise and her mum had been in for a portrait a few weeks ago and mentioned that she'd like a portrait of her horse. We aim to please, so obviously told her to bring Flite along when she came to pick up her photos from the first session.

We're pleased to say Flite behaved perfectly and left no mess other than some bits of carrot.

The session lasted about an hour and we took about 250 photos for Louise to choose from. She's already decided she wants a large canvas of her favourite image.

If you'd like a portrait session with your pet get in touch. We really can shoot anything at our studio!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

We're back!

 We've had a great holiday and recharged our batteries and we're so busy it feels like we never went away!

But there's not much time now until Christmas! So if you want some family photos we have a couple of great deals in the studio in Ashington!

Firstly, during October you can have a mini session with the Christmas tree and get 3 fully edited images to download with full printing rights - ideal for cards and gifts. 
Just £30

Our Second deal is great at this time of year when catching up with relatives!

Bring the whole family in to the studio and EVERY person in the photo (no matter how old they are) gets a 12"x8" fully retouched print of the group shot!  ALL FOR JUST £75!

So the more you bring, the cheaper it becomes per person! You won't find another studio offering this anywhere!

We have limited spaces left in the run up to Christmas so book your family photo session now. Email the studio - info@loudandflashy.com - and make sure future generations of your family have Affordable Priceless Memories!

Remember to check out our Facebook page for flash deals:
Loud and Flashy on Facebook

And also check out our website where you can find our full list of services and prices.
Loud and Flashy Website

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Let's Get Messy!

What better way to celebrate your little one's first birthday than a MESSY CAKE SMASH?

You know it's what they like to do most - make a mess! So why not indulge them and let them make the most mess they can while capturing all the action so you can all look back in years to come.

It's simple, you buy a cake (the more goo on top the better!) and come to the studio. We get the shots AND do the cleaning up after.  

We'll then edit the images and send you a link to download them ready to print or share on the web however you wish.

All for just £40!  

Not just THE BEST photography in Northumberland, but the most AFFORDABLE as well!
So get in touch now and book your little one in to the studio, just email info@loudandflashy.com or call 01670 813007.

Loud and Flashy photo studios, Ashington, Northumberland.
Affordable Priceless Memories!

Hen Parties

We've had a busy weekend with Hen Parties and Makeovers in the Ashington studio!

We've also had the usual family photoshoots!

Time for a holiday!!

But before we take a break check out our two gorgeous brides to be from yesterday!

So if you're planning your own (or someone else's) hen party get in touch!   You'll enjoy a champagne reception, silly games, the services of our skilled makeup artists and a great photoshoot!  Everyone gets a BIG copy of the group photo and prices start at just £20 per guest!

Just contact us at Loud and Flashy photo studios, Ashington, Northumberland (nice and close to Newcastle - THE hen party location!)
01670 813007

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Wow! We've been busy!

Sorry we've neglected you on here, but we've been extremely busy over the holidays!

We've had commercial shoots for jewellery, handbags and beanbags!

We've shot numerous families, newborn babies and pets.

We've shot model portfolios.

We've run creative nights and workshops.

And we covered the studio in flour.

Yes, you read that correctly!  We thought it would be a good idea to run a workshop involving a powder shoot for some of our regular visitors.  We really didn't think it through properly and are still finding flour everywhere. However, the results were great and everyone learnt something. We learnt not to do it again in a hurry!!

Anyway, here's an example of what we achieved

If you'd like to attend any of our workshops email the studio and we'll let you know what's coming up. 

We run classes for all levels of experience in camera usage, lighting, photoshop skills, portfolio building and more. All are great value and run in small groups to give you all the help you need.

We look forward to seeing you soon, flour optional!

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Model Portfolios

This week in the Loud and Flashy photography studio has been extremely busy!

We've had a massive jewellery shoot with Kate Gorman Design, consisting of models, make up artists, stylists, runners and Si & Linz taking the images! We'll put some images up shortly after their official release at the Baltic Art Gallery in Newcastle, but here's a preview.

We've also had numerous newborn baby shoots this week so it's been cuteness overload and that's before this weekend's newborn photography workshop which will keep Linzi extra busy!

As well as the commercial and family photography we've also had some models wanting to update their portfolios.

The brief from one of them was to create softer, more feminine images than the glamour shots currently in her portfolio shot elsewhere. 

Si shot this one and loves the chance to take pretty, soft images of ladies rather than cheesy glamour!  The model loves them, what do you think?

If you'd like to book a shoot or take part in any of our workshops, email or call the studio.

Also check out our website as we have some AMAZING special offers on during July.

We look forward to seeing you in the studio soon!

Loud and Flashy Photography Studio
92 Station Road
NE63 8RN

Friday, 30 May 2014

We don't just shoot babies!

And obviously when we do it's only with a camera!!

However we also shoot a lot of commercial photography in the studio and on location throughout Northumberland and the north east of England

One project that we're excited to be working on is with an amazing designer based in Durham.

Kate Gorman creates unique jewellery Inspired by tribal decoration and contemporary art, heavy industry, fashion and simply the world around us!

With a whole new range ready for launch we'll be shooting a mixture of product and pack shots, as well as fashion shots incorporating models.

You can see more of Kate's current ranges here - Kate Gorman Design

We can't wait to get our team of make up artists, stylists and models briefed; the studio will be buzzing on the day of the shoot!

Our commercial photographic clients include among others furniture manufacturers, sportswear companies, gift and homeware suppliers as well as a British Superbike Racing Team!

So if your business could benefit from from high quality, creative photography get in touch and talk to Si or Linzi.
Our varied backgrounds mean we won't just take stunning images, we understand marketing and know how to make your product or service sell! 

And the extra good news is you'll also be surprised at how reasonable our fees are!

Contact us today by calling 01670 813007 or email the studio - info@loudandflashy.com - and get ahead of your competitors.

Loud and Flashy Commercial Photography
92 Station Road
NE63 8RN


Monday, 19 May 2014


We like variety at Loud and Flashy Photography in Northumberland and we certainly had it last week!

We had a large commercial photographic shoot for a sportswear supplier, a couple of pet portrait sessions,numerous family photo sessions, a newborn photo shoot as well as a model photo shoot!

This week we have more of the same as well as our monthly creative night! This is when local photographers, models and make up artists get together to network and build their portfolios. So if you're a photographer, model, or any other creative type and you want to come along Thursday, just contact the studio. It's £10 for photographers and FREE for anyone else! Refreshments included! 

We have also been updating the website recently, so check it out and you'll also get a FREE gift voucher!

Loud and Flashy Website

There are also some great special offers on there so check them out too!

Loud and Flashy Photography
Affordable Priceless Memories.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Venture Photography. Very good, but very expensive!

Have you bought or has someone bought you a Venture Photography voucher? Worried about how much it will cost you to buy the extra images you'll love? It's not surprising as they don't display a price list and you only find out the cost at the viewing!
Redeem your Venture voucher here at Loud and Flashy photography in Northumberland and we'll not only upgrade the included image to a framed 12"x8" photo, but we'll be considerably cheaper for any other artwork from your session with us. Check out our website Price list
To use your Venture voucher with us just call us now - 01670 813007. Let us tell your story for less!
Loud and Flashy Photography Northumberland
92 Station road
NE63 8RN
Affordable Priceless Memories

Website Makeover!

We've been busy updating our website and although there's still some tweaking needed we'd like you to check it out for us and let us know if anything isn't working.


We have two incentives for you!

Firstly, if you go to the contact form and say 'Hi' we'll send you a £10 gift voucher to spend on anything at the studio!

Secondly, there will be butterflies flying around the site and if you spot where one lands you could win a FREE makeover photoshoot worth £100!

If you're the first person to email us via the website contact page telling us where the butterfly is, you'll be invited to the studio to enjoy a glass of bubbly before having a photoshoot with Linzi or Si, from which you'll get the image of your choice fully retouched as a HUGE 18"x12" photo!


It's not any of the butterflies on Linzi's arm, they're tattoos!!

Check out the site at Loud and Flashy

Loud and Flashy Photography in Northumberland.
Affordable Priceless Memories.

92 Station Road
NE63 8RN

01670 813007

Friday, 18 April 2014

Think you could be a model?

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a model?

Well at the Loud and Flashy photography studio in Ashington we're running a competition to find the 'face' of Loud and Flashy 2014!

If you think you've got the looks and attitude we want to shoot you!

Linzi (in the picture below) and Simon are offering a mini studio session including a fully retouched image with the chance to win a full session including a full portfolio of images! 

To enter just book yourself in to the studio by calling 01670 813007. Once you've had your session your images will be uploaded to a private site for you to choose your image. This will then be fully retouched like the picture of Linzi above and placed on the studio facebook page for the public to vote for their favourite. The winner will receive a full photo session and 10 fully edited images!

The competition is open for shoots from 22nd April to the 31st May 2014 when the votes will be counted. So get booked in straight away to ensure your fans have plenty of time to vote for you!

Good luck!

Term and conditions:
You must be over 18 years old to enter.
Entrance to the competition costs £20, payable on booking your mini session.
The winner will be the person with the most 'likes' on their image on the Loud and Flashy Facebook page.
The image you choose from your mini session will be fully retouched and available as a download with full printing rights. 
Entrants agree that their image may be used by Loud and Flashy for promotional purposes.
The winner will receive a one hour photoshoot and 10 fully retouched images as downloads and 12"x8" unmounted prints.
Loud and Flashy reserve the right to refuse entry to the competition or to remove entrants if their behaviour online does not reflect the spirit of the competition!

Loud and Flashy Photography
92 Station Road
NE63 8RN

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Free Good Friday

Come along to the studio in Ashington tomorrow and get a free mini photo shoot with a free 12"x 8" print.

No need to book, just come along with a big smile :-)

92 Station road

01670 813007

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Special offer!

Next Thursday we are offering a great deal!!
This includes a 1 hour photo shoot with a fully edited print in a 18"x 12" frame + 5 extra prints :-)
This package would normally cost £275 and we are knocking £100 off for next Thursday only!!

To book contact the studio on 01670 813007 or email info@loudandflashy.com

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Gift vouchers

If you are struggling to think of what to buy friends or family for Easter then look no more......we sell gift vouchers for the value of £10,£25 and £50 which can be used for or towards a photo shoot, or for future prints
For more information contact 01670813007 or email info@loudandflashy.com :-)


Here at Loud and Flashy we photograph almost everything!!
If you want to bring in your pets and have a memorable photo at an affordable price then come along to our studio in Ashington.
All pets are welcome and our basic packages start at £50 and include a 1 hour photo shoot with either 3 prints or a fully edited 12"x8" framed print.
To book call 01670 813007 or  email info@loudandflashy.com.

92 Station road

Saturday, 12 April 2014

commercial photography

We are the cheapest commercial photography in the area so if you are a business or need products shooting for brochures or the web then please get in touch on 01670813007 or info@loudandflashy.com

92 Station road

Friday, 11 April 2014

£50 package

We are getting busier so if you want a photo session here at Loud and Flashy book asap.
Our basic packages start at £50 and this includes a 1 hour photo shoot and a 12"x8" framed print, or 3 fully edited prints.
Keep an eye on our face book page as we often have special deals on offer :-)

To book 01670 813007

92 Station road

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Next weeks offer!!

Come along to the studio next Monday and Tuesday and get a 1 hour photo shoot and 10 images on cd-with reprint rights for £100!!
This is a fantastic offer so book now on 01670813007 or email us at info@loudandflashy.com

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Busy times!!

We have just had a very busy few days and are advising anybody who wants a photo session in the next few weeks to book asap.

Weekends are proving to be very popular but we do have a few week days available.
To book call 01670 813007

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Decorating in the studio!

There has been utter chaos in the studio this week due to decorating work.
We will be back to normality on Saturday and are still here to take bookings.
The studio will look fantastic.. and as we are getting busier it will allow us more room to take more bookings over the coming months :-)
Contact 01670813007
email info@loudandflashy.com

Thursday, 27 March 2014

April 1/3 off special deal!!!

We are offering another fantastic deal for April and this is for the 2nd,3rd and 4th of April only!
The deal is 10 prints up to 10"x8" and fully edited for only £100 :-)

To book call 01670813007
email info@loudandflashy.com

92 Station Road

Thursday, 20 March 2014

photo sessions

We are pretty booked up for the next few weeks,however we have some slots next Wednesday if anyone out there would like to get in quickly for a photo shoot.

To book call 01670 813007

92 Station road
Ne63 8rn

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Calling all hunks!

We need men!

At Loud and Flashy we like to think we're politically correct and therefore we've decided we can't restrict our amazing boudoir photography sessions to just the ladies!

That's right, we're now shooting male boudoir!

So, if you'd like some stunning tasteful images to give to your partner, or just as a confidence boost for yourself, book a shoot now!

But that's not all!!

To promote this fantastic new service we're going to run a competition.  The winner will receive a full boudoir session in the studio including huge fully retouched prints as well as being the face used to promote the studio's boudoir photography!

To enter you just need to book in for a quick topless photoshoot! Don't worry, it'll all be very tasteful and Linzi our tame female photographer doesn't bite! We'll then choose an image from your shoot to display on our facebook page where our followers will vote for the winner. Entry in to the competition is just £10 and includes a fully retouched 9"x6" print from your mini shoot.

So, what are you waiting for? Call the Loud and Flashy photography studio in Ashington - 01670 813007 - and book your shoot now!

And ladies, if you think your fella has what it takes to be the face of Loud and Flashy boudoir, make sure he knows about this!

Friday, 14 March 2014

Future Bookings

If you want to book a Family, baby or pet portrait for the next few weeks, then please book asap as we are almost fully booked for the next few weeks :-)

To book call 01670 813007

92 Station Road
Ne63 8rn

Tuesday, 11 March 2014


The weather is warming up and so is the temperature in the studio :-)
We are booked solid for the next couple of weeks ...apart from a couple of slots in the week ..so,if you want to book your photo session for the coming weeks  we are advising customers to do it asap.

To book call 01670 813007

Friday, 7 March 2014


We are extremely busy at the moment and almost fully booked for the next couple of weeks.
If you would like to book for 2/3 weeks time then call us asap to avoid disappointment  :-)

92 Station road
Ne63 8rn


tel:01670 813007

Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Here we are with another amazing offer for the 11th March!!

30 minute photo shoot!!!!
1-18"x12" edited print
2-12"x8" edited prints.
and 4-6"x4" prints of your chosen image for a crazy £30!!

Making a huge saving of £90!!

to book call 01670813007

Monday, 3 March 2014

Sunny days!!

It`s another lovely sunny day here in Ashington and we are starting to get very busy for Mothers day shoots so don`t miss out and book yours now :-)


92 Station road
Ne63 8rn


Saturday, 1 March 2014


It`s the first day of spring today so let`s hope it`s a sunny one!!
Remember to keep an eye out on all the deals that we have posted up on the blog this month.

Have a great March everyone:-)


Friday, 28 February 2014


On Thursday 13th March we have another fantastic package for 1 day only!!!

This consists of a 1 hour photo shoot,22"x16" canvas and 4 prints of your chosen image in any size you like.

You also get 2 images on cd and all this can be yours for just £80 :-)

This deal would normally cost £150!!
To book call Kerry on 01670813007 or pop along to 

92 Station Road
Ne63 8rn


Thursday, 27 February 2014

Mother's Day!

We have a fantastic offer for the mums - a digital makeover photo shoot with a glass of bubbly and chocolates!

We'll take some amazing pictures of you in the studio and the images you choose will then be fully retouched to make you look like a star!

You'll get FOUR images on CD PLUS a HUGE 18"x12" photo.

If you book your session before 15th March you'll get a second 18"x12" photo FREE!

All this for just £50.

To book your session call the studio NOW - 01670 813007 or email - info@loudandflashy.com.


Loud and Flashy Photography
92 Station Road
NE63 8RN


Here at Loud and Flashy, as well as doing family/baby portraits we also do passport photos for £5!!

So come along to our studios and have a cup of coffee while you wait :-)

92 Station Road
Ne63 8rn